Curl Hair: Tips for Styling Curly Hair

Raymond Neiderman

Raymond Neiderman

People with curly hair have a love-hate relationship with their hair. Curl hair has to go through many hair care tips to form a routine that suits its hair. As gorgeous curly hair might look, it is a struggle to manage them. Taking care of curly hair is different from other types of hair; how to properly wash your hair, style them, and keep them in its best health. We are here with some wellness tips for curly hair and how to flaunt your gorgeous curls.

Styling Short Curly Hair Tips

After focusing on keeping your scalp healthy, styling curled hair is the next step. Plus, styling short curly hair is usually more tricky than wavy, straight, or other hair types. But here are some fantastic tips to style curly long hair types. Love your curly hair and follow these tips to style your hair with simple tactics:

1- Shampoo and Conditioner

The first step is washing your hair correctly. Not all curly hair is of the same type. Collecting samples of shampoos and conditioners to deduce which ones suit your hair the best is better.

Smoothing and hydrating formulas keep your curls tight and defined. However, a drawback of hydrating formula shampoo is that they make the roots greasy and oily. Condition your hair from mid-length if you want to avoid greasy roots.

Moisture is what keeps your curls bouncy and defined, try not to strip your hair of moisture and hydration. You can go for two to three days without washing your hair. In this way, moisture will stay for a longer time. Use good oils to lock the moisture in your hair so your curls can not get frizzy and look unarranged.

2- Hair Mask or Oiling

Using a hair mask before showering will benefit your hair in several ways. The hair mask has hydrating elements that lock in moisture. Bamboo stem cells and keratin help renew the damaged hair. If you have damaged your hair by heating or dyeing, worry not, as a hair mask is on its way to save the day.

Essential oils like almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil, etc., can also reverse hair damage. Apply the hair mask/ essential oils from roots to tips and let it soak in your hair for almost an hour.

3- Apply the Products

Even after shampooing and conditioning, your hair can get frizzy once they start drying. To avoid frizz, apply your styling products, i.e., serum and gel, when your hair is still wet. Whatever cream you use to define your curls, if you apply it to wet hair, better results can be achieved. Wet hair locks the moisture and keeps it in the hair for a long time. Moisture helps with nourishment and maintains a smooth texture of hair.

4- Let the Hair Dry Naturally

Air drying is the best option, and blow drying is a big no. But what to do when you are running late and do not have the time for air drying? For situations like these, never consider these easy to get through solutions like blow dryers or straighteners for the quicker drying of hair.

Instead, try natural ways like tying a soft t-shirt and wrapping it around your head. Dry your hair like you would with a towel. The soft fabric of the t-shirt will not ruin your coils. Cotton absorbs the extra water from the hair and allows them to get dry earlier. This process keeps your hair from heating damage. Now attend the school or that meeting with your luscious locks.

5- Diffuser

Never expose your hair to direct heat. Blowdryers can damage the hair with direct heating; use a diffuser attachment so the heat is equally distributed. Direct heat makes the hair dry and frizzy, which is the last thing you want for your hair. A diffuser will retain your curl shape and volume. Also, it moderates the intensity of the heat, which is safe and sound to use for curly hair types.

6- Combing

Only comb curly hair when wet. Combing dry hair will distort the shape and make the hair frizz again. For combing, use a wide-toothed comb or a detangler. Be kind and gentle when detangling your hair. A wide-toothed comb will minimize breakage and hair loss.

7- Right Combing Pattern

The accurate combing pattern prevents your hair from falling down like snow in winter. Combing from the roots takes the tangles getting stronger with each pull, and you end up breaking your own hair. The right way to comb curly hair is to start from the end section of your hair.

It makes detangling easy and results in lesser knots for the hair breaking or falling. So, always start from the end, then lead to the middle length, and lastly, get the roots. Never start from the roots because that’s not in favor of your curly hair.

8- Silk Pillowcase

Curly hair demands princess treatment at all times. For night use a silk pillowcase to prevent frizz and tangles. The cotton pillowcase can cause tangles and even breakage. It also helps regulate your sleeping patterns as a relaxed head invites a peaceful sleep. For extra protection, you can wrap a silk scarf around your head. The smooth surface of a silk pillowcase keeps your curls intact.

9- Refresher Spray

Washing curly hair is not a good idea; it rips your hair with moisture, leaving it dry and frizzy. Second-day curls lose their shine and might not look as fresh as the first day. You can use a refresher spray to liven up your second or third-day curls.

A refresher spray hydrates your curls, and the locked-in moisture defines the curls. After spraying, you can finger curl and twirl them to regain the coils. The spray will help fix the texture, and you will not have to rewash and style curly long hair.

10- Scalp Health

The scalp is the main root of healthy hair, literally and figuratively. A healthy scalp means healthy hair. In contrast, you can apply any product starting at the scalp. But be careful when moisturizing your scalp; sebum is produced at the scalp, which makes our hair greasy and oily. Just a moderate amount of hydration will keep your scalp healthy and happy.

Always try to start with proper scalp cleansing before applying any product. A clean scalp is everything you need for healthy hair. Massage the scalp with your fingertip and regulate the blood circulation for a relaxing experience and better hair growth.

11- Hairstyling

Styling short curly hair, long curly hair, or other types has determined a specific curl pattern that makes styling curly hair easier. You can make tons of hairstyles with your naturally curly hair. However, the best hairstyle is letting your hair down; your luscious curls are your best hairstyle.

12- Detangle Curly Hair with Care

Curly hair is a type of tricky hair to be detangled easily. You need a special comb with broad threads that can easily penetrate your hair and detangle your hair. Another simple tip is to oil your hair.

First, it will soften the hair, and detangling becomes easy and quick. This process prevents the unnecessary breaking of hair. Oiling doesn’t mean you have to drench your curly hair in the oil; apply a thin layer of a few drops so they can just soften the hair for an easy and quick detangling of the hair.


It can be hard to look presentable at all times if you have curly hair. They need extra love and apply hair care tips for them because once their demands are met, they make you look magnificent.

Invest in the right products and, following a hair care routine, refrain from straightening or direct heating. Your curls are your identity; you better have a good one.

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