Bathroom Cleaning: 6 Steps to Clean a Bathroom Efficiently

Raymond Neiderman

Raymond Neiderman

Every day, we start our morning routine with a trip to the bathroom. Since we use bathrooms to stay clean, they are often exposed to a high volume of mess and germs. From spilled shampoo bottles to everything you rinse off, our bathrooms deal with a lot. Bathroom cleaning is very important for keeping your home clean and keeping you safe. Let’s explore how to thoroughly clean your bathroom with care.

Bathroom Cleaning: 6 Steps to Clean a Bathroom Efficiently

Keeping your bathroom clean is a great act of home improvement that will help your home age well. There are quite a few areas to clean in the bathroom, making it very important to treat each one correctly. With these bathroom cleaning steps, you can maintain your bathroom and keep it looking great!

1. How to Clean Bathtubs

Bathtubs are where we wash ourselves off, which means they come into contact with plenty of dirt and oils. Cleaning them regularly can keep them safe from dirt and mildew, allowing us to have a more pleasant experience.

To clean a bathtub, you will want to purchase a household bathtub cleaner. Some people use vinegar or other natural alternatives as well. You will use the cleaner to treat the entire bathtub, as well as any connected walls and tiles. You may even need a silver cleaner to polish the faucet.

Remove everything from your bathtub, then apply the cleaner. Once the cleaner is in place, you will want to scrub all of the surfaces with a brush. Take care to target corners and areas that aren’t often rinsed.

2. How to Clean a Shower

Cleaning a shower often takes the same steps as cleaning a bathtub. You will want to focus on applying cleaner to every surface and scrubbing it down. However, the process can vary depending on certain features. Showers with detachable shower heads can make the cleaning process very easy.

How to Clean a Shower Head

One of the most overlooked features of a shower is the shower head. Unfortunately, with time, it will show. Shower heads can end up with buildup or even rust, making them look terrible. Regular cleanings can prevent this. With a shower head, how to clean it can vary, so be sure to adapt as needed.

To clean your shower head, you will want to use a cleaner or diluted vinegar. Apply cleanser to the shower head and use a brush or other tool to scrub it clean. Using a cup or bowl, pour water over it to rinse it off. Dry it when you are done. There is a separate process to have a clean shower head if it has been impacted by rust.

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Some showers have glass doors, which can offer a really great look. However, it does make the cleaning process a little more difficult. Most bathroom cleaners are not made to be used on glass shower doors. In many cases, they can lead to buildup or streaks.

When cleaning glass shower doors, there are two common cleaning methods. The first is to use a squeegee tool to wipe down the glass every single time you shower. This can be a great way to keep your glass shower doors consistently clean. However, with time, you will need to do a more thorough cleaning.

To clean glass shower doors that have buildup or water spots on them, you will want to use a glass cleaner. In some cases, you may need to start by scrubbing with a standard bathroom cleaner. It is important to avoid mixing chemicals, so these processes should be managed separately. After the glass is clean, be sure to dry it.

3. How to Clean a Toilet

The toilet is easily the dirtiest part of a bathroom, and it is known to hold a lot of germs. For this reason, you must be very careful while cleaning it. Using gloves and toilet cleaning tools to avoid coming into contact with the toilet and the chemicals is a good practice to maintain.

You will want to use a toilet cleaner and toilet cleaning brush to wash the bowl of your toilet. Apply the cleaner and then scrub the bowl, taking care to clean the areas at the top and where the water goes.

To clean the outside of your toilet, use cleaner and wipes to wipe down the rest of the toilet. Focus on the toilet seat, toilet lid, and the surrounding areas—like the tops and sides.

4. How to Clean Counters

Cleaning counters is one of the easiest parts of cleaning the bathroom. Simply remove everything from your counter, then apply an appropriate cleaner. Scrub everything down, then dry it using your preferred method. Air drying is fine when it won’t leave streaks.

5. How to Clean Sinks

The sink cleaning process can vary depending on sink type. Knowing how to clean stainless steel sinks doesn’t mean you know how to clean porcelain sinks. For success during this process, you will want to be sure to choose the right type of cleaner and a gentle cleaning tool. Pick a cleaner that is suited for the material of the sink, and dry it off when you are through.

6. How to Clean Mirrors

Mirrors are often the last item to clean in a bathroom, and they must be cleaned regularly. With a glass cleanser, spray a reasonable amount across the surface of the mirror, depending on its size. Using a towel or equivalent, wipe the cleaner in steady circles. Be sure to focus on getting the corners, and don’t hesitate to do it over if you see streaks.

Mirror cleaning

The Takeaway

The home bathroom plays a big role in our lives, and it is up to us to keep it clean. With these six steps for bathroom cleaning, you can make sure that your bathroom always looks great. Be sure to incorporate these processes into your weekly routine for the best results.

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